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Because design only is not enough. Your online presence needs a combination of solid online business strategy, positive sales psychology and modern marketing for best results.

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Hi, I'm Saara Kappi

Brand Designer & Kajabi Expert, and the systems-obsessed creative mind behind BeBoss Creative.

After transitioning back to entrepreneurship early 2020 (talk about timing!) and leaving my decade-long corporate job as a Design Consultant turned Project Manager in London, I went all in with brand and web design.

This was my way to make real impact with my work by helping other ambitious entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life and thrive as their own bosses online, and to combine my three biggest passions; systems, strategy and creativity.

Few fun facts about me

I believe everything in business comes in the end down to trust, and building trust starts with consistency.

It takes your potential customers less than a second to form a first impression about your brand – the most crucial first step in inviting them to explore your business further.

But a positive first impression won't do much, if that initial feeling about your brand doesn't also carry on consistently in the experience your customers get when they navigate around your website, go through your purchase processes or participate in your courses and programs.

How you make your customers feel during all these different stages can either build on or break the trust, hence every touchpoint of your business' existence and customer journey should be built with this in mind.

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That's where consistent branding and strategic websites come to play.

Consistent presentation of a brand has seen to increase revenue by 33%.

Lucidpress, 2019

46% of surveyd consumers say they would pay more for brands they trust.

Salsify, 2022

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And just like you and your business are unique – so should be your online presence.

Building a unique online presence starts with YOU; the unique combination of your voice, personality, values and the message transformed into a visual look that speaks to just 
the right customers.

Customers who choose your brand because of how you make them feel from the first impression to the last thank yous.

My mission is to make sure we get that consistently across in your online presence with trust-oozing and soul-aligned brand design and a strategically built website that make buying from you an enjoyable experience from start to finish and saves your time with streamlined automations.

My core values behind every design and website:

Heart as a symbol of brand value

Authentic Branding

That doesn't try to mold you into something you're not, but focuses on bringing out the soul of your brand and your unique personality and voice in a positive light (because you're already special).

Heart as a symbol of brand value

Heart-Centered Marketing

That focuses on the hopes, possibilities and exciting future ahead and relies on honesty, respect and a desire to serve rather than manipulation and scarcity tactics that will only hurt your brand in the long run.

Heart as a symbol of brand value

Time-saving Solutions

That allow you to spend your time on the more meaningful things in life through automations, templates and strategies that stand the test of time and aren't about just temporary hacks chasing quick wins.

So let's get your business the online presence it deserves!

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Brand & Kajabi Website Design

Let's transform your online presence with a professionally designed visual identity and a strategic website to build trust in your brand and get the attention & sales you deserve.

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Branding and Kajabi website designer working

Kajabi Template Shop

Rather do it yourself with my guidance? Save time and grab your favourite customisable templates to boost your course sales and marketing efforts with ease.

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