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It's time to make your first impression count with a cohesive brand identity, Kajabi website and social media presence.

Whether you're building your business and brand in the creative, health, or personal development industry, your brand's visual look is the first touchpoint in bringing new clients into your world and making them want to explore your business further.

You have less than a second to leave a right kind of first impression (yes, that's how quickly our subconscious mind works), which is why a strategically built consistent presence is a must in today's competitive online world.

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Let's bring your talent and vision and transform it into an online presence...

...that not only looks the part, but makes sales easy, the experience for your customers enjoyable and saves your time for the more meaningful things with repeatable systems and automations!

Design Packages

Choose the design package option that best matches your creative needs and fill out the project application form at the end of this page to start the journey of transforming your vision into reality!

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Brand Identity Design

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Whether you need to refresh your existing branding or your business doesn't yet have a defined style with set brand guidelines to follow ‚ÄĒ this package is for you!

A consistent visual identity that matches your personality and soul is crucial in creating the right first impression, building trust in your business, and making sure you attract the right customers.

It not only increases your brand's credibility but also ensures that your brand is seen, heard and enhances positive purchase decisions and long-lasting customer relations. For best results I use the One Concept Method to strategically create your business a visual identity that perfectly matches the right look and feel and allows you to implement it consistently online with ease.

Average project duration 5-6 weeks

£3,950 GBP

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Is your Instagram feeling a bit lacklustre? It's time to give your account a makeover and make your brand's first impression stop scrollers in their tracks! With the Instagram Makeover you get your very own treasure trove of custom-designed professional post, carousel, highlight, reels cover and story templates for Canva that you can re-purpose over and over again to educate, inspire, promote and engage on Instagram! Say hello to saved time and new-found confidence and consistency in sharing your brand's best content and to captivate your audience. Get your time back from overthinking it and let's make you shine!

Average project duration 2 - 3 weeks

£1,850 GBP

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Kajabi¬ģ Website

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This package is for you if you're ready to save time, streamline your online course or membership business and bring your digital products, email marketing and website all under one platform; Kajabi¬ģ. You just sit back and watch the progress as I design, build and set it all up for you. I¬†design and build you¬†a stunning and strategic website that helps you convert your visitors into customers and automate your backend systems so that you can save your precious time for more important things in your business.

Average project duration 7-8 weeks

£6,950 GBP

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Here's how the process of working with me looks like:

Virtual Coffee Date

Once you've submitted your application you'll receive a quick questionnaire before we book a friendly chat to discuss your vision and project needs. If we seem like a good match, I'll email you a custom proposal after.

Project Preparations

Once the proposal is confirmed, you'll get access to your client portal and project schedule plus I'll collect from you all your website content with instructions before our agreed start date.

Design & Revisions

I'll complete the creative process from the initial sketches to final design deliverables following our set plan and your feedback, and you'll get to follow the progress every step of the way as we go along.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Cue the confetti! Once all the designs are approved by you, I'll walk you through everything in detail to make sure you know how to use your new assets and consistently present your business online!

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Answers to questions you might still have:

Couldn't find an answer to your question? You can always contact me here.


What¬†is Kajabi¬ģ?

Kajabi¬ģ is an industry-leading all-in-one digital business platform (and my¬†personal¬†favourite) for course creators, where you can build your website, online courses, memberships and coaching programs, manage and automate your e-mail marketing, analyse your statistics and run seamless payments¬†all under one platform!

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Hi, I'm Saara Kappi! BA of Design with over 15-year background in design and sales and a passion to combine my skills in both to help entrepreneurs like you to thrive as their own bosses online!

It¬†takes courage to let someone else take the lead, so I want to congratulate you on the decision of wanting to invest in the success of your business ‚ÄĒ that tells me you're here for the long run!

I'm so excited to hear more about your business and to discover how we can best work together, so please fill out the application form below (no obligations yet) and I'll get back to you about the next step shortly after.

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Kindly note: prices will increase after 31.7. All projects fully confirmed before that will benefit from the current pricing.

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‚ÄúWe recommend Saara‚Äôs services to anyone who wants their website building process to feel like a walk in the park.‚ÄĚ


Apart from being such a lovely person, Saara is extremely skilled in her profession which made it very easy for us to trust her completely with our website and course platform.

She is very organized, keeps up with the schedule, helps with any concerns, knows Kajabi like the back of her hand and is always willing to help and make the client thrive. She has given us wonderful suggestions and surprised us with an even better website and a course platform than we could have imagined.


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