notebook and phone with a text: three easy ways to find motivation

3 easy ways to find motivation

We all have moments when we feel like the task ahead isn't motivating and we would much rather focus on something more meaningful to us. Finding motivation in these situations can be challenging, but there are luckily three easy ways to overcome them.



Understand your 'why'

Whether you're at a job where your boss' orders don't quite resonate with you, or you're working on a task in your business that needs to be done but doesn't seem meaningful to you, you might find yourself questioning what is the point of doing it in the first place.

The solution is already in the question; what is the point - understanding your why. You want to find out what is the benefit to you for getting the task done. Sometimes you need to dig in deep to find the answer, but once you have found valid enough reason to motivate you - stick to it! It could be as simple as not needing to worry about it anymore or to get paid to be able to go for the holiday you dream of.

If there truly is no good enough benefit and nothing seems to beat the pain of completing the task, it might be time to review your situation and find a way to let it go. You want to build your life with goals that are worth working towards and get rid of the rest.


Dedicate time - create routines

Sometimes we see the benefit loud and clear, but we still can't get ourselves to start even if we know it is ultimately good for us. The funny thing with motivation is that it often follows action, and therefore finding it before we start is difficult. Starting to work out in the gym is easy, but getting there in the first place is the real challenge.

Let's be honest, it's quite unlikely that you wake up one morning and feel motivated for the rest of your life. You want to dedicate a specific start time and deadline for the task, or otherwise, you'll just end up waiting for the motivation to strike and it usually won't. Trying to continuously decide when might be the best time for you to start and when you might feel motivated enough is wasting your energy from getting the work itself done.

Once you have set your timing, you want to build a ritual for the time before starting. It could be putting those gym shoes on as soon as you wake up, or making a cup of coffee and setting it up on your work desk, or leaving a note on your desk the night before for the first thing to focus on.

Creating a ritual is a trigger to building routines, and routines lead to habits. Habits then again reduce the number of decisions you need to make daily, and the fewer decisions you need to make, the more energy you have for the actual work.


Make starting easy

Sometimes however the task ahead just seems too difficult, and we feel demotivated because of clarity in how to get it done.

The solution is to make starting easy enough by breaking the task down to smaller parts. You want to always start with the end in mind. What is the goal, what are the steps to get there, and what are the tasks within those steps that need to be completed? You can split the goal into as many steps as you need to until you have something concrete that you're capable of using to get started.

You also want to connect the task to something enjoyable - put your favourite song on or have a piece of chocolate before you start, and make sure to reward yourself when the task is complete too. You will this way rewire your brain to associate the task with something positive, and you will automatically find starting the task easier next time.

With kindness,

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