How to make your Instagram profile look good

How to make your Instagram profile look good?

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms to date with over 1 billion global users and the growth doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

With that many users from influencers to business and private accounts, there's of course also a lot of competition, and as Instagram is a visual social media platform based on images and videos it's crucial that you pay attention to your aesthetics in order to stand out and stop the scroll.

To help you out, here's a 6 point checklist for how you can make your Instagram profile look good and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Know your target audience

It doesn't matter how pretty your Instagram grid looks if it doesn't resonate with the people you're trying to attract. Define your ideal audience based on what you want to be sharing and imagine what is the style and content they would like to see.

2. Choose what you want to post about

You might be passionate about many things, but when it comes to your business profile you want to stick to specific subjects.

You want your audience to know what they can expect from you as that not only builds trust with your existing audience but attracts new followers when they can see similar content on your profile.

Choose 3-5 content pillars (subjects you talk about) you want to focus on and create a content plan around those pillars.

3. Choose a grid layout

Like it or not, first impressions do count and it's a good idea to make your overall aesthetics on Instagram easy on the eye to keep the viewer's attention on your content. Here are four easy grid layouts you can use to make your Instagram profile look more balanced and harmonious.

4. Choose a theme or style to follow

Whether you want to call it a vibe, soul or mood, you want to have a uniform look that aligns with what your business is about and then stick to it.

If you use filters on your images, pick just one and use it repeatedly. Similarly consider the lighting of your images, backgrounds, elements you show in them and do they have a clear connection to what you do in your business and how you want to come across.

5. Use your brand colours

Colour is one of the most powerful ways to become a recognisable and memorable brand and also your Instagram profile should show your brand colours. Use them on your highlight covers, your profile picture and also on your Instagram posts.

Easy ways to add your brand colours to your posts is to add them as a background colour, as colour blocks behind your text, as frames around your images or on your brand-specific graphics you can lay over your images.

6. Use your brand fonts

If you use text overlays on your posts, make sure to always use your brand fonts as using various different fonts will otherwise create a chaotic look very quickly.

An easy way is to choose two fonts; one for any headings and one for the main text body. You also want to choose a font size for both that you use consistently every time you apply text to any of your posts. Make your font big enough, so that it's readable even when someone looks at your overall grid and not just individual posts.

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