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BeBoss Creative Brand Refresh: The Creative and Strategic Process


The reasons behind the change

As it often happens, the ideas we have at the early stages of our entrepreneurial journey tend to change and become more refined– as did mine.

The passion of helping like-minded entrepreneurial go-getters to be their own bosses online was still the driving force behind what I do, but the specific way how I wanted to contribute to that had gotten clearer over the past years, as had the type of entrepreneurs I specifically wanted to serve.

Our businesses grow and evolve over time, so this is only normal, but it's important to make sure that our branding keeps up with those changes too to not cause confusion.

As the core essence of my business was still the same, a complete structural tear down a.k.a. re-branding wasn't necessary –just updating and clarifying the existing concept and direction and making sure it was communicated clearer.

Name change

The first thing that I knew needed an update was the brand name.

BeBoss Academy, the name that had served the vision I had at the time of starting my business back in 2020, no longer represented clear enough the version of the business I had today.

Although the name change was necessary to better communicate my brand externally, more than anything I needed it to feel more at home in my own business internally too.

I had gained a much better understanding about my strengths and the value I was able to provide to others after designing and building online presences for clients from around the world for the past couple of years.

As I combine creativity and strategy in what I do, teach and share today as a brand and web designer, BeBoss Creative was in the end a natural choice for a name. 'Creative' because of the visual and creative side of things, and 'BeBoss' because of my ultimate mission to help others be their own bosses online.

Focused niche

Part of the reason for the brand refresh was also the fact that I wanted to communicate my niche clearer. After all, it wasn't just any kind of brand and web design I was doing, nor was it for absolutely anyone.

Specialising in Kajabi for web design and building brands for kind-hearted online entrepreneurs who were here to share their knowledge to improve the lives of others, whether it was through courses, memberships or other digital products, was something I was great at, felt passionate about and wanted to support.

Kajabi has been my choice since day one as not only is it in my opinion the best platform for building a knowledge business online, but I also respect their values and vision as a brand.

Course creators and online coaches were then again the people I wanted to work with and help, as I believe there's a huge power in the knowledge we as a collective can share to each other, and I also want more people to be able to enjoy the impact and freedom this business model can create. The world is changing, and so is the way we work and do business too.

Making this even clearer in my online presence and communication was a goal I wanted to achieve too.

Clarified brand voice and message

Part of branding is of course also a consistent message and voice; what you are here as a business to say and how you want it to come across.

If you struggle figuring this out in your own business, I would always recommend going back to your values and purpose as the answer usually lies there.

If I had to describe my brand voice in two words, I would want to call it as an empathetic rebel – the kind rule breaker ;).

I'm a firm supporter of equality and believe that everyone should have the right to live their lives (and build their businesses) in their own terms, as long as it doesn't hurt others.

The usual "show up as an authority" concept in personal branding has therefore never really sat right with me, as I don't feel any desire or need to come across as someone who's somehow "above" others.

Yes, I know a lot about the subjects I share about in my business, but it doesn't mean that my way is the only way, or that what I say is something you absolutely must, should or need to follow to the letter.

I prefer to rather encourage people to also think for themselves and to take from my advise what feels good and apply the things that align with how they want to build and run their businesses.

We all have different backgrounds, experiences, personalities and capabilities, and what works for me or someone else, doesn't necessarily have to work for you.

It's your business and your rules, I'm simply here to support in making that vision come to life.


The thought process behind the visual changes

Equally important to the words we say and how we behave as a business, is also how we look.

Connecting your personality and voice with a right kind of visual look is important so that you're not ending up sending mixed signals to your audience.

Although there was nothing wrong with my previous visuals per se, I wanted to create a fresh look for the version 2.0 of my business.

Taking your brand strategy into consideration with the visual decisions is key, as how your business looks is ultimately just a visual representation of the soul of your brand.

The main values my work is based on are heart-centered marketing, authentic branding and hustle-free business growth, so I wanted to bring that modern-day entrepreneurial feel supported by warmth and steadiness into my visuals too.

This meant earthier colours, rounder fonts and subtle graphics but also imagery that was steering away from the stereotypical blazer-wearing expert entrepreneur and had a more relaxed, welcoming and easy feel to them. I wanted you to feel empowered to build just the kind of business you wanted, doing it in a way that puts happiness first, and focuses on strong foundations and sustainable growth rather than quick but fading wins.


Branding is one of those things that is never "done", as everything we do in our business has an impact on the way how others perceive our business making branding a continuous task.

Things will always continue to evolve and change, so what is now won't be the same in 5 or 10 years. These changes however feel aligned with where I am today.

If you too ever start to feel like your branding isn't any longer keeping up with your growth and a brand refresh might be due, I hope you'll remember that this is an exciting thing and only shows that you're growing and your business is ready to expand out of the box that used to be.

With kindness,

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