The 7 signs you are ready to start your own business

Although we're living uncertain times, if 2020 has taught us anything, it's our capability to be resourceful when it's needed. These times might also be just the motivator and opportunity you need to finally follow your dreams and launch that business you've been secretly wishing to turn into a reality for a while now. Not everyone desires to work for themselves, but if you do, these 7 signs could mean that you're ready to start your own business:



You feel stuck at your current job

If you start stressing over the next workday before it has even started, you're most likely unfulfilled. A different role or another job might temporarily fix the problem, but if the basic 9-to-5 routine just doesn't quite excite you, the daily commute feels unbearable and someone telling you what, when and how you should do your job frustrates you, you're likely not finding fulfillment by just replacing your current job with another. Perhaps that tiny entrepreneurial voice has been nagging at you for a while now, but it's finally become so loud that you know it's time to start listening.



You have a strong desire to help people

When you think about finding purpose and meaning in life, helping others seems like the most fulfilling thought. You have a strong passion for something that you know if you'd share it with the world, it could help so many others. You keep finding yourself dreaming about turning this vision somehow into a product or service for others to enjoy and that excites you beyond all the jobs you've been at before.


Your why is bigger than your fears

You've always been hard-working and when you set your mind to something truly important to you, no one can bring you down. Your vision, your intentions, and the core 'why' of what you dream about beats the fear of the unknown. You know that your motivation for your own business would come from a place that is bigger and stronger than the potential hardships and disappointments that may from time to time come your way, or the sacrifices you might need to make. You believe that success in anything is inevitable as long as you don't quit and you don't see failing as a dead end but rather as an opportunity to learn and improve.



You're self-motivated

Whether it comes to learning new skills, figuring out solutions to problems, creating better processes, improving things that aren't working logically, or getting your hands dirty when needed, you have no problem finding motivation in yourself as long as you're working towards a purposeful goal. You're able to manage yourself and prioritise tasks that bring the highest impact right now, and you've never been afraid to roll up your sleeves and do your research on the things you don't know enough about in order to progress.



You know there's no such thing as the right time

You may have heard someone say to start before you're ready. You know the reality is that we're never gonna feel fully prepared, skilled, knowledgeable or experienced enough. You know or are coming to the realisation that these are just excuses that your ego feeds your mind with in order to keep you safe, but you know that in order to make your dreams come true you need to get past your fears. You're ready to work on figuring out the core reasons for your fears and how to overcome them, and that they're normal and don't need to be denied. You're fully aware that if you don't start now, you're not any closer to your dreams tomorrow and that thought doesn't sit right with you.


You continuously seek information

You love to learn and purposely seek information not just for more knowledge but also wisdom about how great minds think. You know the importance of mindset in achieving anything in life, and that you are always going to be a work in progress. You may have learned a lot of self-limiting beliefs from working for other people, seeing businesses around you fail, or by surrounding yourself with the wrong people, but you recognise that these beliefs don't have to be your reality in the future. You're interested in identifying old habits and reprogramming yourself with new and better ones and actively work on levelling up your mindset.



You're a calculated risk-taker

You're not one to blindly take risks, but you're not afraid of no guarantees either. You're making your decisions in life by either trusting your intuition or assessing your options with care rather than just tossing the coin and hoping for the best. You've always been conscious about your finances and current commitments and what is realistically possible for you right now, but at the same time you've always liked a little adventure and found proving people wrong motivating.


If you recognised yourself in these signs, it sounds like being your own boss might be for you. Perhaps you're not in a position to quit your day job yet, but you know you can start a side hustle. Maybe you're ready to start making a clear plan on how much you need to save, how to do it, and commit to your plan in order to move closer to your dreams.

It's important to know though that you can't do everything alone, so if you're currently not surrounded by people who support you, make sure to find yourself a mentor or an online group of like-minded people or friends you can count on -- rain or shine.

With kindness,

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